Have no fear! Puppets are positive creatures that bring about positive responses.

We are extremely happy to finally go live with our new website GoGoGenius


My husband and I decided to set up GoGoGenius as we wanted to create a special place where parents, teachers and educators could find products, tips and suggestions to help their children learn English through fun and creativity .

We are based in Florence, Italy, and we sell puppets and educational products primarily, but not exclusively, dedicated to teaching English, using fun, unconventional methods and theatre techniques.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding many more products and resources and we would love to receive any feedback from you.

Check out our puppet range as I believe they are a fantastic resource for any parent or teacher for use in educational activities such as storytelling, phonics, mathematics, and foreign language teaching.

As an English teacher, I use puppets in class on a regular basis because I have seen for myself that they work very successfully . Puppets are positive creatures that bring about positive responses. They fascinate and engage both children and adults in a special way. They capture a child’s attention and make learning fun!

Many educators shy away from using puppets not knowing really what to do with them apart from using them as a simple “doll”.

Fear not!!!!!!

I will try and give you some fundamental puppet tips and convey to you what wonderful teaching tools they really are.

Stay tuned!! Miranda’s back!!!


2 thoughts on “Have no fear! Puppets are positive creatures that bring about positive responses.

  1. Where are your puppets and educational products sold? I would like to come and visit your shop. I love your method and it’s exactly what I’ve been longing to do in the classroom. I teach italian children too and they love stories and role playing.
    Please keep up the good work. It really is so inspiring.Thank you!!

  2. Hi Jo
    Thank you so much for your comments and feedback . It’s great to hear from fellow teachers like yourself.
    I’m so happy you’re finding some of my teaching tips useful in your class. I am definitely no expert puppeteer nor ventriloquist but I do have a real passion for puppets as I find that children benefit greatly by interacting with them.
    I am based in Florence, Italy and we have an online shop where you can find some of the products that I use in my videos . The address is http://www.gogogenius.com. I’m afraid we don’t have a “physical” shop for you to visit but if you need any advise I am always happy to help. In the meantime drop me a line if you have in mind a particular ESL topic you would like me to elaborate on with a post.
    Happy Teaching

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