Welcome ESL teachers and parents

Why not try ESL Drama Games and boost some real energy and fantasy into your English classes. ESL Drama and Movement Games are enormous fun for children of all ages and are great for improving listening skills and encouraging group cooperation.

I personally believe they are also essential in keeping young children attentive, motivated and thoroughly enthused. Your children will love you for them.

ESL Drama games help children of all ages focus and concentrate their energies and improve their communication skillstools useful in learning languages and in every aspect of life.

ESL Drama helps to stimulate qualities such as Communication, Concentration, Coordination and Self- Confidence contributing to the benefits of a strong memory, a rich vocabulary and self-esteem.

This Teaching Tips blog contains creative ideas for teachers of young children ages 4-10 years

Why use ESL Drama Games?

As you well know, children are perfect language learners, they are imaginative, curious , keen to learn, and above all very receptive.

ESL Drama and Movement Games free up and involve children and give them the possibility to really put into practice their language skills, albeit limited skills, by being ACT-ive.  With ESL Drama children learn to expand their imaginations, free the way they think, talk and move in “English” by learning how to express themselves differently using their voice, their bodies and their emotions.

ESL Drama games also spur children on to tell and act out stories/experiences and explore the world around them. Through, role-playing, puppetry and mime, improvisation and characterization a child’s memory and vocabulary is constantly stimulated .

Drama Games also help children focus and concentrate their energies and improve their self-confidence – by taking on a role for example even the shyest  of children are able to hide behind another character and feel less inhibited.

The teaching tips I give in this blog address both the inexperienced and experienced language teachers who have very little time to follow a specialized ESL Teacher Drama Course or prepare specific ESL drama lesson plans but who are nevertheless interested in learning how to incorporate drama as an extra dimension to their teaching.

Thanks and happy teaching



7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dear Sir / Madam.

    I was going through your website and found lots interesting learning, and would like to check if you do sell any lesson plans for me to purchase?

    Waiting for your soonest reply,

    Thank you

  2. What an amazing resource! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I wrote my masters thesis on using drama to teach languages and fervently believe that drama can create an ideal communicative context for language learning. Yay!

  3. Hello Kala. Thank you for your comments. All the resources on my blog are free and based on my own personal teaching experiences with children and on interesting links I find on the web. I’m sorry I don’t currently sell lesson plans .

  4. Hi Miranda,
    I looked at your site last year and was to late for the training course. When is the next one and how much does it cost please.
    thanky do much Zena

  5. Hi Zena
    Thanks for your message. I will keep you informed when we have some dates fixed for our next teacher training course.

  6. Hello Miranda! I was so happy to find you! I happened across your page while lesson planning and found some wonderful ideas! I’d love some info re your next drama course for English teachers! Thanks! Laura

  7. Hi Laura please forgive me, I completely overlooked your comment. I have just sent you an email and info regarding our teacher training workshops.
    Speak soon

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