Teaching colors with 2 year olds

Coloured buttons

You can use anything “multi coloured” you like for this game – maxi buttons, bean bags,  crayons, coloured balls, coloured pom poms. (needless to say choose age appropriate and hazardous free objects). Have containers available to match each colour pom pom you have. Sit on the floor and pour out the coloured pom pom and invite your child to pick up all the “red pom poms” he/she can find and put them in the appropriate containers. Then pick up all the “green” pom poms and put also those in the appropriate container. Make sure that you continue to repeat “where’s the green button” “Fantastic , you found a green button” as your child puts them in the correct container  count them out together in English.

You can then evolve the game by having a pretend tea party and give your child a handful of buttons to share with some pretend friends or a favourite teddy – ‘a green one for you, a yellow one for me, a purple one for teddy”. Children love play acting and serving pretend food and this simple game give lots of number and colour recognition practice.

For some more toddler games to develop check out  http://www.babycentre.co.uk/toddler/development/stimulating/gamestwoyearold/





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