Ricky (the puppet) Explores Antarctica


Puppets can share joy or sadness; they can be naughty or good, cheeky or shy; and when a child is engaged by a puppet they can learn lessons and absorb messages without even realising they are.

For perfect example check out  http://antarcticapuppet.primaryblogger.co.uk/ .
A fabulous blog about how Ricky (the puppet) investigates science in the real world and “Explores Antarctica”. www.puppetsproject.com  also provide many ideas for science projects using puppets


2 thoughts on “Ricky (the puppet) Explores Antarctica

  1. Hi ricky , are you still in Australia! when are you going to be back? I am from class 5lw (Morecambe) I can not remember the last time i saw you , bye!!

  2. Hi Jennifer
    I haven’t heard from Ricky in a while. I think he is still travelling around the world enjoying himself. As soon as he comes home I will let you know.
    Keep in touch

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