Zip Zap!

Zip Zap!

A great “name game” for older children 7+ . Lively and fast paced. Children love this one.

Level: beginner

Age group: Ages 7+ to adult

Time: 10 mins

Aims: To practice “what’s your name?” and to introduce pronouns “His name is” and “Her name is”

  1. Players sit on chairs in a large circle.
  2. You the teacher walk round the outside of the circle and put your hand on each child’s head indicating if they are “His” or “Her” and repeating their name. E.g His name is Luca. Her name is Sofia etc.
  3. You then stand in the middle of the circle and point to a child and say either Zip or Zap! When you say zip the child indicated introduces the child to his left and says “Her name is lisa.” When you say zap the child introduces the name of the child to his right and says “His name is Marco.”
  4. Keep the pace fast after a while shout out zip zap! On ZIP- ZAP all the children stand up and run and find another available chair . Before repeating the game ,if the children do not know each others names well allow them time to ask their neighbors “What’s your name?” Then play zip or zap again.
  5. This time when you shout out zip-zap run and take the place of a child. This leaves one child without a chair. He or she takes over your role by pointing and saying Zip! Zap! Or Zip-Zap!

Variation :

Change criteria to age , eye/hair colour


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