You will need: Pop music  

This is a very simple warm up , listening and concentration exercise but great fun for everyone. I usually start every lesson with this one. You should actively take part at least initially in this game in order to verbally and physically demonstrate to the children what you want them to do. Instruct everyone to:

– Stand up

– Sit down

– Walk

– Hop

– Jump

– Sit down

– Lay down

– Sit up

– Stand up

– Wiggle (dance the twist)

– Fly

– Swim

– Drive a car (beep beep)

– Clap

– Cheer

– Say hello (wave)

– Spin around

Repeat and change all the action words until the children start associating the verbal instruction with the correct physical action.


1. Go round the circle and indicate to everyone which child is a boy or girl. Play the game again this time Instruct “only the girls” or “only the boys” to do a movement or “everyone” in unison

2.For children ages 5+ Simon Says becomes a natural follow on game


One thought on “Miranda’s ESL DRAMA -WARM UP

  1. Hi there Miranda,

    I’m a performing artist working as a teacher in China, originate from South Africa…so it’s a long way from home. I’m running a workshop this summer for 1 week with a group of 8year to 13year olds and am definitely going to be using some of your games as resource. Got a few tricks up my sleeve from being on stage.

    Would love some advice on running workshops, something I’m sure you know about.

    Hope to hear from you, thanks for GREAT resources!


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