The magic chair

The magic chair



1.            Put a chair in the centre of a circle of children. 

2.          Tell the children that it is hot, sticky, covered with paint or glue, cold, soft, has a pin on it, is broken, very comfortable etc. 

3.          Any child who wants to gets up and sits on the chair. They act out the situation. Eg. If it is hot they sit down and jump up screaming “Ow!”.










2 thoughts on “The magic chair

  1. Hey Miranda,

    Thanks for this blog, I’m teaching English at a kindergarten right now and also teaching a children’s english through drama class. Your ideas have been quite helpful

  2. Hi Rebecca
    Thanks for your comments. If you have any drama ideas that you would like me to explore further feel free to drop me a line and I will try to help you out.
    Happy teaching

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