Why use ESL Drama Games?

Why use ESL Drama Games?Welcome ESL teachers


ESL Drama and Movement Games are of enormous fun and motivation for children of all ages and are great for enhancing listening skills and fostering group cooperation.

As you well know, children are perfect language learners, they are imaginative, curious , keen to learn, and above all very receptive. ESL Drama games  free up and involve children and give them the possibility to really put into practice their language skills , albeit limited skills , by being ACT-ive.

Children are encouraged to jump up on their feet express themselves and communicate with others in English – through mime, body language, eye contact and facial expressions.


ESL Drama games also spur children on to tell and act out stories/experiences

Drama Games also help children focus and concentrate their energies and improve their self-confidence – by taking on a role for example even the shyest of children are able to hide behind another character and feel less inhibited.


ESL Drama games when used at the beginning of a language lesson or play rehearsal, strengthen work with a script by helping the children warm up, focus their energy, develop their characters, work as a team and even memorize their lines!

The teaching tips and creative ideas included in this blog address both inexperienced and experienced language teachers interested and perhaps intrigued in learning how to incorporate drama as an extra joyful dimension in their teaching.

The games and teaching suggestions are targeted at young children aged 4-10 years and have all been personally tried and tested!

Happy reading


and explore the world around them. Through, role-playing, puppetry and mime, improvisation and characterization a child’s memory and vocabulary is constantly stimulated .


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